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    Guild Requirements


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    Guild Requirements

    Post by Xilatyl on Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:20 am

    Avalon's Reqs:

    1- Having at least one lvl35+ character.
    2- Unlocked at least one of the unlockable characters (Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy or Jin).

    Avalon's Exeptions:

    1- If a member refer someone that want to join, that person will earn a 5lvl bonus on the req. (i.e.: Reqs are lvl45+, a refered player can get in at lvl40+)
    2- If the player ask to take the entry exam and succesfuly pass it, s/he will be accepted regardless of his character levels.
    3- If an Allied or Friendly guild get disbanned, Avalon will welcome it's members by lowering our reqs.


    ~AnimaLake™️ Creation~

    Elesis: 30; Spearman
    Lire: 45; Nova
    Arme: 4
    Lass: 60; Striker
    Ryan: 25; Sentinel
    Ronan: 16 (Misses my lvl 62 Ronan T^T)
    Amy: 15 (Misses my lvl 52 Amy T^T)
    Jin: 2
    Sieg: 40; Prime Knight
    Mari: 39; Polaris
    Dio: 48; Drakar

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