'From the ashes of the old are born the legends of the new, and the fire shall have cleansed them so they shall be free of evil '


    Godsmack ftw ^_^


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    Godsmack ftw ^_^

    Post by Vanargrand on Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:58 pm

    "You left your sting down inside me, i'm not dying for it! I, stand alone! Everything, that i believe, is fading..." (3:31 - 4:02)

    "Hard to find how I feel, especially when your smothering me.
    Hard to find how I feel, please someone help me.
    Hard to find how I feel, controlling me every step of the way.
    Hard to find how I feel, you greedy little baby!" (2:57 - 3:38)

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